Charlies Kaboom Big Blast Caps

Charlies Kaboom Big Blast Caps

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Big Blast Caps

Big Blast Explosion

What’s more fun than target shooting? Shooting targets that explode!! Charlies Kaboom Big Blast Caps helps solve three big problems with exploding targets. 1) Explosive targets are expensive, Big Blast Caps are not. 2) Explosive targets can cause wildfires, Big Blast Caps explosions are made from compressed air, making it impossible to start a fire. 3) Explosive targets are not re-usable, Big Blast Caps are re-usable up to 50 times.  With a handful of Charlies Kaboom Big Blast caps and some air pressure you can turn a pile of plastic bottles into a fun afternoon of BOOMS and BANGS without handling explosives. Fill bottles up with powders and/or liquids to create a colorful show with each shot!

How loud is Charlie's Kaboom? It's so loud that it can set off the gunshot detector in neighborhood.

Loud Charlies Kaboom Big Blast Cap Explosion

The Big Blast Cap Target Inflator is a fun way to use an explosive target that merely operates by air pressure so there is no fire danger. With a Big Blast Cap you can pump air into a plastic bottle. We recommend up to 80 psi depending on the weather and size of the bottle. You place it down range at least 60 feet away and shoot it with a projectile. The pressurized air immediately disperses to normalcy creating a "boom" as the air molecules rush out resulting in a loud BANG and a fun EXPLOSION.

Big Blast Caps adds another level of fun to your range time. Big Blast Caps can be used with most regular plastic beverage bottles, turning them into a highly pressurized, reactive target. All you have to do is attach the cap to your used plastic bottle, inflate with a bike pump, and shoot! Great for bows, firearms and pellet rifles. Try using a colored liquid or powder for a great visual effect when the bottle explodes. Big Blast Caps are reusable and make plastic bottles explode to create a loud BOOM!

Big Blast target caps are available in a 10 pack with inflator needles, or the Blast Pack Kit – complete with inflator needles and a foot pump.


  • Easy to use
  • Safety mesh bag and tie down string (not included)
  • Great with firearms, air-guns, and bows
  • No explosives required
  • Used bottles are still recyclable
  • Target shooting outdoor fun
  • Perfect way to liven up target practice
  • Big Blast Inflator Caps Make "Exploding" Plastic Bottles Fun!

Big Blast Caps are simple and easy to use. Just screw the lid on, pump it up, and boom!

They allow the easy pressurization (60-80 psi is desirable depending on bottle type) of several sizes of soda/drink bottles using a standard bicycle or athletic ball air pump or a garage air compressor. They use air to make some really fun and LOUD exploding targets!

The design of the Big Blast Cap was developed by a shooter aiming for something inexpensive, safe, consistent, and fun for his family and friends.

The caps are re-usable and to make sure you don't lose them, the Big Blast Cap has a molded in lanyard loop. We recommend tying it down with and a red string so your cap is easy to find after the explosion.


Actual Customer Reviews of Charlie's Kaboom


  • Surprisingly Loud and Very Fun: These things are very fun and the explosions are surprisingly loud!!! You'll need to go somewhere out of town, or at least far away from people who might report you because this makes a sound more like a bomb than a gunshot. You can use a bike tire pump or compressed air, just watch the PSI (60 works great on the little bottles). The caps come with a little hole on the side that lets you attach a string so you can tie it off to a rock or tree branch. It is advisable you do that because the caps can go flying and you'll lose them if you're not paying attention. Also, buy cheap, thin water bottles; they work the best if you have a low powered air-gun or even a slingshot with steel ammo (the name brand water bottles didn't pop with our air-gun, but the thinner bottles worked great). Check out YouTube for a video demonstration by of Charlie's Kaboom.
  • So Much Fun: This is a device that is so simple, but yet so much fun! Adults and kids love putting some air pressure in the water bottles and shooting them for target practice with the BB Gun.
  • Man, these things are great. I've only tried the water bottle ones at 70psi, but that was enough. Would buy again. Can't wait to hit a 2 liter at 100psi.




If you want to blow up some stuff, you can buy them here

The Big Blast Cap is a less expensive alternative to other reactive boom-generating products. They have been found to work with firearms of all calibers, air-guns, and crossbows.

Big Blast Caps fit many plastic beverage bottles such as soda bottles and bottles with threads like those found on soda bottles.

You can customize your Big Blast Cap reactive target by adding powder or water for a visual effect!